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  • Main Mega Highway Near Kuchaman Valley Kuchaman City, Nagaur (Rajasthan) - 302004

SAI Kuteer project is available only for Kuchaman people. Where they can enjoy the state-of-the-art accommodation with all facilities and natural environment on their mother land. SAI Aangan means the courtyard of Rajasthan. This block of SAI Aangan in Kuchaman Valley Complex will be full of all facilities in itself and will be naturally equipped with greenery. Jain temple and Siddhi Vinayak temple are also proposed in this block. There are about 90 plots in this block, out of which construction of villas is proposed on 45 plots, out of which three villas will be equipped, these villas will always be reserved for migrant devotees. In which expatriates can reside whenever they come to Kuchaman and SRBD GROUP is committed to rent the villa booked by them when it is ready. Subsidy of 2.67 lakh will also be available on these villas under Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana as per rules. 90% loan facility will also be available by banks. This block will be operational with one gate entry and CCTV. A Club House is also proposed in this block, in which all facilities will be available. A restaurant is also proposed in this.